The bat for children

Book/Director: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger

Stage design: Werner Hierzer

Costume design: Christine Hierzer-Riedler

Music arrangement/ Choreography: Werner Hierzer

Voice of Johann Strauss: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger

Puppeteers: Christine Hierzer-Riedler / Werner Hierzer / Isabell Francisci-Ragger / Claudia Hisberger / Wiebke Lüders/ Antonia Petz/ Lisa Pippan/ Theresa Prem

Music recording NAXOS 1955: Herbert von Karajan,  (Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Rita Streich, Luise Martini, Nicolai Gedda, Helmut Krebs, Erich Kunz, Karl Dönch, Rudolf Christ, Erich Majkut, Franz Böheim)

Dauer: 1 Std. 15 min / nach 30 min Pause

The libretto for THE BAT was written by Carl Haffner and Richard Genée. The most famous and successful of all operettas. How did it get its title? It seems strange, the more so as there is no appearance of such an animal throughout the operetta. The explanation is an easy one: it is all about a joke. Some time ago Dr. Falke attended a fancy-dress ball dressed as a bat. Unfortunately he drank more than was good for him, so his friend Gabriel Eisenstein - on the way home - lifted his drunk friend Dr. Falke out of his carriage and placed him on a bench in the centre of town. When Dr. Falke woke up, the poor man had to walk home, still in his costume, through the town in broad daylight, to the joyy of all the people. After that he was known in the district as "Dr. Bat". In this operetta we find out how Dr. Falke takes revenge on his friend Eisenstein.