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Marionette des Donauweibchen von Johann Strauss

The Blue Danube Waltz -
Johann Strauss

a musical picture book

Playing time: 40 min
without break

This musical fairy tale takes you to the picturesque landscape of the Danube, where the House of St. Florian is located. The inn, once the place of work of Johann Strauss Jr.'s grandfather and the childhood home of Johann Strauss Sr., forms the background of this story. This area became known worldwide through the melodies of Johann Strauss Jr., especially through his famous waltz "On the Beautiful Blue Danube".

In this idyllic setting, birds float through the air, snowmen dance a ballet interlude and an ice skater elegantly makes his rounds. The narrator leads Johann Strauss and his wife Jetty to this enchanted place and tells the mysterious "Legend of the Danube Maiden". The mystical Danube mermaid appears soon afterwards, warns a fisherman and his son of an impending flood disaster and thus prevents greater damage. The fisherman's boy, fascinated by the mermaid, follows her into the depths of the river. In the melodic swirls of the waltz "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" a ceremonial wedding finally takes place in the underground palace of the Prince of the Danube.

Musical numbers
“Motor Quadrille”, Opus 129
“Donauweibchen”, Opus 427, waltz from “Simplicius”, 1888.
“On the Beautiful Blue Danube”, Opus 314, waltz by Johann Strauss Jr., 1867.

Text & Direction: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger

Speaker: Marcel Prawy Heinz Holecek
Music: Concilium musicum Vienna / Naxos

Chamber Ensemble KKHof- and Deutschmeister
Choreography: Werner Hierzer / Maria Theresia Mühlbacher

Set design: Mag. Odilia Baldszun
Costumes: Prof. Marie Luise Walek / Christine Hierzer-Riedler
Sculptors: Sepp Rems / Markus Maurer / Friedrich Wallner
Puppet play: Werner Hierzer / Christine Hierzer-Riedler / Saviz Foroughi / Isabell Francisci-Ragger / Lisa Pippan / Antonia Petz / Rudi Schwarzenberger

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