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The Magic Flute

World famous opera by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart

Duration: 2 h 15 min 
Intermission after Act 1

Spoken language: German
Synopsis in English and other languages at the Box office. Price € 1,-

This famous opera by Mozart is about the exciting story of the young Prince Tamino sent by the Queen of the Night to rescue her daughter Pamina, who was abducted by the Sovereign Sarastro. Tamino receives a Magic Flute, Papageno - the Birdcatcher - a magical carillon. Many tests have to be passed until Papageno gets his Papagena and Prince Tamino can marry his Princess Pamina.

Recording: Failoni Orchestra, Budapest, Michael Halász, Hungarian Festival Chorus

Premiere: Vienna 30. September 1791

Director: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger 
Text: Emanuel Schikaneder 

Stage- and costume design: Erika Ebner, Werner Hierzer 
Sculptor: Sepp Rems, Erika Ebner, Gerald Kubitschek 
Costume cutter: Christine Hierzer-Riedler 
Music cutter: Werner Hierzer 
Sound engineer: Tonstudio Euroacoustics - Walter Till


Sarastro: Kurt Rydl
Königin der Nacht: Hellen Kwon
Pamina: Elisabeth Norberg-Schulz
Tamino: Herbert Lippert
Papageno: Georg Tichy
Papagena: Lotte Leitner
Sprecher: Robert Holzer
Erster Priester: Péter Köves
Zweiter Priester: Peter Jelosits
Monostatos: Wilfried Gahmlich
1. Dame der Königin: Julia Faulkner
2. Dame der Königin: Waltraud Winsauer
3. Dame der Königin: Anna Gonda
Erster Knabe: Robert Pap
Zweiter Knabe: Maximilian Richter
Dritter Knabe: Matthias Uray


Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Werner Hierzer, Isabella Chromy, Walter Kukla, Rudolf Schwarzenberger, Maria Drabits, Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Agniezka Koldnicka-Salamon, Claudia Hisberger, Lisa Pippan, Saviz Foroughi, Bernadette Kizik, Antonia Petz, Theresa Prem, Georg Angerer, Fabian Burisch

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