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Knight Kamenbert

A musical for the whole family in German language

Duration 1 h 15 min 
Intermission after the second act

Spoken language: German

Knight Kamenbert shows more interest in eating cheese together with his friends Edi, Theresia and Roquefort, than in learning how to fight - much to the chagrin of his father, the King of Gorgonzola. Therefore, the king wants his son to prove his courage by bringing him the magical sword Romadur, which is guarded by a dragon.

If you want to know more about the peaceloving cheese-gourmet Knight Kamenbert, his friends and their adventurous journey, come and visit one of the performances of „Knight Kamenbert“ at Marionettentheater Schloss Schönbrunn!

Voice: Reinhard Rainer
Text: Peter Blaikner
Director: Werner Hierzer

Choreography: Leonard Salaz
Arrangement: Cosi. M Goehlert

Stage Design: Britta Lütz
Costume Design: Britta Lütz
Costume Cutter: Christine Hierzer-Riedler

Music: Cosi M. Goehlert und Ernst Wolfsgruber

Singer: Nina Alpers, Daniela Enzi, Ute Hamm, Daniela Zähl, Christoph Angerer, Beate Bill, August Fink, Frank Hohmeister, Marcus Marotte, Olaf Salzer, Fritz Kohles

Orchestra: Cosi. M. Goehlert, Fritz Kronthaler, Wolfgang Klingsbigl, Roland Erhard, Robert Oberdanner, Robert Friedl


Nina Alpers, Daniela Enzi, Ute Hamm, Daniela Zähl, Christoph Angerer, Beate Bill, August Fink, Frank Hohmeister, Marcus Marotte, Olaf Salzer, Fritz Kohles


Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Werner Hierzer, Rudolf Schwarzenberger, Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Claudia Hisberger, Bernadette Kizik, Theresa Prem, Saviz
Foroughi, Antonia Petz

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