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The Abduction from the Seraglio

Opera Singspiel in a shortened version by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Duration: 1 h 15 min 
Intermission after 30min

Spoken language: German

Synopsis in English and other languages at the Box office. Price € 1,-

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - as a marionette - leads through his opera in a child-friendly way. Konstanze, a young Spaniard, her English maid Blonde and the servant Pedrillo have been deported to a slave market after a pirate robbery. Bassa Selim, a native Spaniard, once a Christian and now Muslim, buys all three of them. They now live in his palace by the sea. The Spanish nobleman Belmonte, Konstanze´s fiancé, has after months finally learned of the whereabouts of his beloved and sets sail to rescue the abductees.

Recording: Bruckner Orchestra Linz
Chor des Landestheater Linz
Conductor: Martin Sieghart
Choir leader: Ernst Dunshirn
Voice Mozart: Michael Dangl

Director: Didier von Orlowsky
Script: Martin Haidinger
Stage design: Odilia Baldszun
Costume design: Marie Luise Walek 
Costume cutter: Christine Hierzer-Riedler 
Sculptor: Gerald Kubitschek
Sound engineer: Tonstudio Euroacoustics - Walter Till




Bassa Selim: Harald Pfeiffer
Konstanze, Geliebte des Belmonte: Ingrid Habermann
Blonde, englische Zofe der Konstanze: Donna Ellen

Belmonte, spanischer Edelmann: Piotr Bezcala
Pedrillo, Bedienter des Belmonte: Oliver Ringelhahn
Osmin, Aufseher über das Landhaus des Bassa: Franz Kalchmair


Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Saviz Foroughi, Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Antonia Petz, Werner Hierzer

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