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Lena is looking fo the christ child

Christmas musical;  Book: Martina Eichhorn, David Galien

Duration: 1 hour 15 min
Intermission after 30min

Spoken Language: German

Our heroine Lena is eagerly waiting for the Christmas bell to ring. "I have to do something!" She exclaims impatiently. She grabs her magic top and embarks on a magical journey in search of the Christ Child. Exciting adventures await Lena and her constant companion, Prince Farid. But more is not revealed here ...!

Recording: Failoni Orchestra, Budapest, Michael Halász, Hungarian Festival Chorus

Singer: Mia Heck,  Ena-Helena Evers, Martina Eichhorn, David Galien, Christoph Szabo

Director: Werner Hierzer
Book: Martina Eichhorn, David Galien
Stage design: Vasiliy Ürijev, Werner Hierzer
Costume design: Zinaida Hierzer
Costume assistance: Werkstätten Marionettentheater
Sculptures: Werkstätten Marionettentheater
Music: David Galien, Mia Heck, Christoph Szabo, Walter Till
Sound Engineering: Tonstudio Euroacoustics - Walter Till

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Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Werner Hierzer, Isabella Chromy, Walter Kukla, Rudolf Schwarzenberger, Maria Drabits, Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Agniezka Koldnicka-Salamon, Claudia Hisberger, Lisa Pippan, Saviz Foroughi, Bernadette Kizik, Antonia Petz, Theresa Prem, Georg Angerer

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