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The Bat for children

Operetta in shortened version by Johann Strauss

Duration: 1 h 15 min 
Intermission after 30min

Spoken language: German

Synopsis in English and other languages at the Box office. Price € 1,-


The composer Johann Strauss - as a marionette - leads through his operetta in a child-friendly way

On his way home from a costume ball, Gabriel von Eisenstein abandones his friend Dr. Falke, still in his bat costume, on a park bench out in the streets. In the morning he has to walk home in that disguise across town. Since this incindent everyone calls him "Doctor Bat".

Now Dr. Falke plans to get back at Eisenstein for this prank. Eisenstein is supposed to go to prison, but is persuaded by his friend to visit Prince Orlovsky's fete first. There he meets an unknown beautiful Hungarian Lady and endows her with his pocket watch. When Eisenstein goes to jail next morning, the surprise is great and Dr. Falke is happy about his successful revenge.

Recording: Herbert von Karajan, 1955, (Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Rita Streich, Luise Martini, Nicolai Gedda, Helmut Krebs, Erich Kunz, Karl Dönch, Rudolf Christ, Erich Majkut, Franz Böheim) 

Voice of Johann Strauss: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger 

Script and Director: Prof. Gerhard Tötschinger 
Stage design: Werner Hierzer 
Costume design: Christine Hierzer-Riedler 
Music cutter / Choreography: Werner Hierzer 


Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Werner Hierzer, Rudolf Schwarzenberger, Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Claudia Hisberger, Lisa Pippan, Saviz Foroughi, Antonia Petz, Theresa Prem

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