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Producation of marionettes



The draft is the first step to the finished figure - it determines the character of the figure. The stage designer designs the scenery - but must take the special stage requirements of a puppet stage into account. Costume and set designers: Odilia Badszun, Erika Ebner, Günter Patozcka, Prof. Marie Luise Walek.


The sculptor gives the puppets the face, creating the expression of a character from a piece of wood that clearly bears the signature of each sculptor. The head and legs are made of light pine wood, the hands are made of heavy, elastic lime wood.

Marionettes Design

Werner Hierzer is responsible for building the figures. Extreme precision, a lot of sensitivity and many years of experience are required to produce a puppet that moves well. Wood, leather and foam form the basis of a body. The highest possible mobility is achieved through the precise precision mechanics of the joints.


Christine Hierzer-Riedler is responsible for making the costumes. Flowing fabrics - lots of silk, old fabrics and lace - are needed to achieve the soft, realistic movements of the characters. After the costume designs, the fabrics have to be dyed and painted, small cuts made and mostly sewn by hand. It takes about 130 hours of work to make a puppet, then it is ready for the strings to be pulled in. Many years of experience are required to find the right attachment points for the threads.

Stage design

Three hundred by one hundred and twenty centimeters… is the stage section of the theater. But our stage only differs from that of a drama theater in its dimensions. The effort for the set designer is certainly not less. The decorations are built in the in-house workshops according to original designs, but on a smaller scale. Modern stage technology enables fluid transformations.


Light and sound design

Since the posture of the puppeteers makes it impossible to speak during the game, the voices must be recorded on tape. Good vinyl or CD recordings are used for the music and prominent speakers lend their voices to the puppets. Perfect sound is achieved using the most modern playback devices. Headlights and projectors specially tailored to the requirements of the small stage, together with the stage design, create the perfect illusion.

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