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Hansel and Gretel

Opera in a shortened version by Engelbert Humperdinck

Duration 1 h 15 min 
Intermission after 30min

Spoken language: German
Synopsis in English and other languages at the Box office. Price € 1,-

The composer Engelbert Humperdinck - as a marionette – leads through his opera in a child-friendly way

This opera is about Hansel and Gretel, the children of a poor broom-maker-family. One day, their mother sends them into the forest in order to collect mushrooms. But they forget about the time and suddenly it’s too dark to find their way home. So they have to sleep in the woods for the night. When they awake on the next morning, they discover an gingerbread house, where the witch lives, who turns the children into gingerbread loaves. Hansel and Gretel are caught and kept as prisoners by the witch; they are also to be turned into gingerbread. However, Hansel and Gretel are smart: With the help of a trick they cast the witch into her own oven. But the story does not end here: as their worried parents arrive at the gingerbread house, they find not only their own children, but also all the other children who were rescued by Hansel and Gretel.

Recording: NAXOS / Philharmonia Orchestra London – Herbert von Karajan 
Loughton High School for Girls Choir, Bancroft´s School Choir, 1953, Kingsway Hall, London



Hänsel: Elisabeth Grümmer
Gretel: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
Peter / Vater: Josef Metternich
Getrud / Mutter: Maria von Ilosvay
Hexe: Else Schürhoff
Sandmann: Amy Felbermayer
Taumann: Amy Felbermayer


Christine Hierzer-Riedler, Werner Hierzer, Rudolf Schwarzenberger,  Isabell Francisci-Ragger, Claudia Hisberger, Lisa Pippan, Saviz Foroughi, Antonia Petz, Georg Angerer

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