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Association of Friends

For more than 25 years, the Schönbrunn Palace Marionette Theater has been working on creating a
to preserve, cultivate and pass on an extraordinary art form:
The artistic puppet play in a playing technique, which in 2016 was included in the list of immaterial
World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
As a theater without subsidies, it is not easy to continue working this way
the art of puppetry in general also does not enjoy the attention it deserves.
The Association of Friends of the Marionette Theater at Schönbrunn Palace supports the
artistic work of the theater and helps to increase awareness and thus that
to put the public image of this special form of marionette art in the right light.

The association, whose activity is not aimed at profit, has the following goals :

  • The exploration of puppet play

  • The promotion of the art of puppetry

  • Support for the maintenance of the existing productions

  • The development of new stage technology and new forms of performance

  • Lectures on theatrical topics

  • Establishment of a library

In order to achieve these goals, it takes numerous committed club members who
We would be delighted if you became a member of our “Association of Friends”.



If you want to become a member,

please print out the following document and send it to us:

We look forward to your membership!

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